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Department Contact Information

Greenville County Schools
100 Blassingame Rd.
Greenville, SC 29605
Name: Joe Urban
Title: Director
Phone: 864-355-3011

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Name: Chris Spellman
Title: Program Coordinator
Phone: 864-355-7548

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Name: Rebecca Fitzgerald
Title: Secretary to the Director
Phone: 864-355-1246

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Name: Kurt Angermeier
Title: Accountant
Phone: 864-355-1249

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Name: Doris Reid
Title: Head Bookkeeper
Phone: 864-355-1256

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Name: Elsa Neubauer
Title: RD/Quality Assurance Specialist
Phone: 864-355-1258

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Name: Walt Hauntsman
Title: Information Technologies Specialist
Phone: 864-355-1250

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Name: Erick Swanson
Title: Manager of Catering and Special Events
Phone: 355-1196

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Name: Paula Wambeke
Title: Culinary Specialist
Phone: 864-355-1590

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Name: Bonnie Hogue
Title: Free and Reduced Program Manager
Phone: 864-355-1251

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Name: Michael Farb
Title: Procurement Specialist
Phone: 864-355-1252

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Name: Hollie Cody
Title: Area Manager
Phone: 864-355-1497

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Name: Jeff Dopkins
Title: Area Manager
Phone: 864-355-1245

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Name: Brian Hickey
Title: Area Manager
Phone: 355-1248

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Name: Emily Harris
Title: Resource Specialist
Phone: 864-355-1255

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Name: Katie Bobbitt
Title: Accounts Payable
Phone: 864-355-1257

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Name: Christi Mills
Title: Training Manager
Phone: 355-1254

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Name: Lisa Jones
Title: Hourly Trainer
Phone: 864-355-3075

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Join Our Team!

Join The Team - Outstanding Benefits!
Choice of Health Insurance
Paid sick and personal leave
Paid school holidays
Retirement Plan
Lunch provided
Optional Life Insurance

Applications are accepted through the Greenville County Schools' Employment Page.  



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